About Us

Himydog.com is a website that covers all topics related to owning a dog which include:

  • Nutrition education and dog food recipes reviews
  • Dog wellness, including health supplements & insurance advice
  • Breed information and breed comparisons
  • Dog product reviews (harnesses, crates, toys & more)
  • A resource for parents, kids, and teachers providing an educational overview on owning a dog

Why I created Himydog

People often tell me about things they wish they had known before they got a dog. If you’re a first-time dog owner, you probably have a lot of questions too. I want to address all of these issues and show you how to become the best dog parent ever.

I’ve already helped thousands of people (and dogs) since I started this site.

Since then, Himydog has grown into one of the most popular dog sites on the web.

If you ever have questions, thoughts, or ideas related to anything and everything pet, we want to hear from you admin(@)himydog.com

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